A Fresh Approach to Call Accounting

MethodiCall from STT makes Mobile and PBX call accounting as easy as it should be.

  • Hassle Free Call Accounting

    When you sign up for our hosted MethodiCall service, we'll do all the heavy lifting for you. We'll run MethodiCall in our data center so you don't need to make any changes to the IT infrastructure at your end.

    • 24/7 Web Access
    • Unlimited Reports
    • 14-Month Data Retention
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Who Are We?

Founded in 2003, Smart Thought Technologies has grown to become a leader in Mobile and PBX call accounting. Our easy to use software, MethodiCall, has helped companies of all sizes get control of their telecom expenses. Over the years we've saved our customers tens of millions of dollars. Now that's smart.

What We Offer

Enterprise Strength

MethodiCall provides enterprise features without the headaches. Our off-the-shelf approach eliminates the complexity of other TEM solutions.

Fast Setup

There's no time like the present! When you sign up for MethodiCall Online, we'll have you up and running in one business day.

User Friendly

MethodiCall's easy to use interface means virtually anyone can use it. Training is optional and takes about an hour.


Now you can analyze all your wireless carrier data in one convenient location. MethodiCall supports all major wireless carriers.

PBX Support

We haven't forgotten about your PBX. MethodiCall collects traditional CDR data and provides powerful analysis for you.

Knowledgeable Help

Help is always just a phone call away! We pride ourselves on providing knowledgeable, top-notch technical support.