Expense Management

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Your carrier bills are long, complicated & error-prone.
Turn them into meaningful management information and reduce administrative effort to achieve:

We do the work. Not you!

Many Carriers offer self-service capabilities that simply offload work onto you. We know you are busy. Let us help.
Combine our powerful Enterprise Hardened Expense Management software, MethodiCall, with our extensive domain expertise to deliver targeted results fast.  Unlike many companies that claim to offer full self-service capabilities, they are simply offloading work to you!  We know you are busy and have fewer resources to get things done.  This is why our managed service is so powerful and easy.
How we do it:
  • Retrieving invoices and electronic billing feeds into our flagship platform MethodiCall.
  • Combining your corporate directory that defines Divisions, Departments, GL numbers.
  • Apply our vast domain expertise.
  • Automated Enterprise-wide report distribution.

STT Managed Service:

How it works

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