Roaming tips for Cuba

With the colder weather rolling in, more and more people are heading down south for some sunshine.  One popular destination for Canadians is Cuba.  However, Cuba has very expensive mobile roaming rates.  I have seen several horror stories regarding huge roaming bills.  I personally was down there recently and discovered an inexpensive way to stay in touch.  Cuba has recently rolled out WiFi across the major areas of the island.  This includes the resorts. You buy a WiFi card that provides a Username and a Password (which you scratch off).  Each card gives you 60 minutes of internet time.  The cost of the card is only 1 Cuban peso which is roughly $1.30 CAD.  The bandwidth was much better than I expected.  I did see guests making video calls. The hotel sold these cards which could be used in their business centre/computer rooms or with your own device.  What I did was I kept my Smartphone in airplane mode and turn on WiFi and connected to the network when I wanted to check messages.  This worked out really well and the cost was trivial.  The card looks like this:

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