Powerful, yet quick and easy to use call accounting


What is MethodiCall?

MethodiCall is an easy-to-use, web based tool for managing your Mobile and PBX usage. Expense Management with MethodiCall is affordable, feature rich and will help you find significant savings in your telecom budget.

Features & benefits:

Some of the many features and benefits of MethodiCall:

  • MethodiCall is available as SaaS or you can install it on-site.

  • MethodiCall features a simple and easy to use web interface. There is no special software to install on your office PCs.

  • MethodiCall’s reports combine your Mobile and PBX usage for each individual employee. One source for all your information saves time and money.

  • Is your accounting department spending days analyzing telecom invoices? Let MethodiCall do the work instead!

  • MethodiCall’s reports aren’t just lists of numbers. It identifies cost savings and problem areas for you, so you can act instead of analyze.

Organizational Directory

No matter if you‘re a small business or a large multinational, we take your existing organizational structure and map it to your carrier account(s). We refer to this as the Employee Directory. This robust mapping can include elements like:

  • Device information
  • Company hierarchy
  • Cost centre
  • Employee details
  • Ownership history

The result is scalable, tailored cost allocation with granularity not commonly found on the carrier invoice.

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